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As the summer starts to cool down, leave it up to the fine folks in Florida to keep heating up the web with “Stories From Florida.

This week, we have a man who wanted the police to play designated driver, and another fellow who craved a little more than just his tacos at Taco Bell.

Buy You A Drank

A man from Ocala who got into a fight with his girlfriend was arrested for his misuse of 911. Adam Lanquist, 34, called the police over and over so they could help him grab a drink to let off some steam.

Officers conducted an investigation and arrested his girlfriend on domestic violence charges. After they left, however, Lanquist continued to call 911, saying his girlfriend should not have been taken to jail but a rehab center instead. During one of the calls, Lanquist also told 911 that he needed a ride to a store so he could get a drink.

From the looks of his mugshot, Mr. Lanquist needed some sleep instead. Read about it here…[Click Orlando] 


Can I Take Your Order?

If you’re hungry, grab some food…not someone’s ass.

Philip Guerrero from Bradenton learned this the hard way after drunkenly ordering food from a local Taco Bell. The 38-year-old placed his order at the drive-thru at 2 a.m., came around the corner, and proceeded to grope the employee.

Guerrero reportedly “exited from his vehicle and reached inside of the window and grabbed the victim’s left butt cheek.” The Taco Bell worker filed the report with authorities. Guerrero was arrested for simple battery.

He was later released on $500 bond. [Complex]