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It’s been a pretty eventful couple of days for Atlanta rap group Migos.

Days after getting into a brawl with an audience member who tried to steal one of the member’s chains, news has come out that the trio might have robbed a promoter at gunpoint.

Migos — who consists of Quevo, Offset, and Takeoff — were supposed to perform a show in Evansville, Indiana. According to KFVS12, Migos were paid $11,000 upfront and then, after they performed, they would get another $10,000. However, according to 41 South, the company that booked the “Fight Night” rappers, that’s not what happened.

Allegedly, Migos showed up, took the $10K they were going to get after the show, and just bounced without performing. When 41 South officials tried to stop them, Migos allegedly pointed two rifles at them.

No bueno. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.


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