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You’re looking at a changed man – at least it seems that way.

Chris Brown dropped one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, X, on Tuesday, and though the “Loyal” singer could probably just sit back and watch the magic happen, he’s still in promo mode, giving the fans what we want.

As we all know, Karrueche‘s partner in crime recently sat down with Sway Calloway, talking about everything from Rihanna, to how he and Drake settled their beef. In the latest part of the interview to hit the ‘net, Breezy talks Kae and confirms they are still together.

“[When] you read [things in] the media, you’ll see ‘this happened’ and ‘that happened,’ but I just let them talk,” he told MTV News. “Because, at the end of the day, that’s what their job is.” The X singer added that two years ago, he would’ve reacted differently, but things have changed. “You’ve gotta mature at some point and not give them that attention…when it comes to all the extra hoopla, that just gets lost in translation with me.”

He also weighed in on his girl’s embarrassing mishap on 106 & Park, saying he and Karrueche definitely discussed the moment she read the insensitive joke about Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy off the teleprompter.

“We had a conversation about that, too, but she’s good,” Breezy said. “I know the comment on the prompter was kinda left field — I don’t know who wrote it up, or [why] it was done — but I told her, next time, because I know it’s your first time doing this, just look at it and say ‘Hey, hey I don’t know about this.’”

“But that comes with show business. At the end of the day it has to be something left, or most of the time, negative. I felt it was unnecessary.”

But that ain’t all.

Chris also opened up with Big Boy while dishing on signing autographs in jail, his first meal when he got out, and more.

Here are a few excerpts:

On what he learned from being locked up:

“For me it was more so a humbling experience. At the end of the day I think I got kinda carried away and off track of what my real purpose was, who I was as a young entertainer and as a young person. Everything that I learned in there, when I got out, I just took everything with—not a grain of salt—I really appreciated everything more.”

On if people wanted his autograph in jail:

“Yeah…a couple of them (correctional officers) but they really couldn’t. Some of the inmates would slide me down their line, they’ll shoot a line down ‘yo can you sign this for my daughter’ and I’ll do it, it wasn’t a problem.”

On his first meal when he got out:

“The first meal…I actually got a cheeseburger.”

Check out that dope sit-down below, along with some new pics of Karrueche and Chris celebrating the X album for the past couple of days, above.


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