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Hip-Pop hooray, it’s #WhitePeopleWednesday! Every Wednesday, we vow to celebrate white people and their fearless free spirits.

We know you’ve seen the hashtag #Caucasity floating around on Twitter (thanks @Desusnice) over the past year, and today, we’ve decided to round up the 25 most memorable moments of #caucasity to hit the ‘net over the past few weeks.

If you’re wondering what #caucasity even means, well, the simplest definition is basically a person, place, or thing that’s stereotypically “white;” an action that white people execute and execute well. #Caucasity also embodies the audacity that only white people could possibly possess.

Listen, the technical definition is a complex one to fully explain, but trust us, you know #caucasity when you see it.

The most recent case of #caucasity hit the internet today when the U.S. 2014 Junior Ryder Cup Golf team declared they invented the “Shmoney Dance,” which we all know was made wildly popular by Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda.

Check out our 25 favorite moments of #caucasity to take the internet by storm below.


The 25 Most Recent, Hilarious, & Bizarre Cases Of #Caucasity (PHOTOS)
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