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The interesting aspirations of George Zimmerman’s family have been revealed in an in-depth interview – and you’ll never guess the identity of their idols.

In an interview with GQ, George Zimmerman’s family shared plenty of details about their infamous relative’s life. His brother Robert and sister Grace even revealed hopes of building a brand to make money off the Zimmerman name.

Robert’s ultimate goal was to turn George into a reality-TV star. His models were John Walsh, who began hosting America’s Most Wanted after his 6-year-old son was abducted and killed, and the Kardashians, whose fame was launched by Kim’s leaked sex tape.

Robert says he’s analyzed the Kardashians and momager Kris Jenner to mimic her moves and make George into a likable character.

“I learn a lot from watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Robert told me. “Like, use the shit you’ve got.” One idea was for George to be the focus of a Candid Camera-style program. One episode, for example, might feature a professor teaching a class about self-defense, and at the end of the episode it would be revealed—surprise!—that George was one of the students.

Robert knew none of it could happen, though, until George fixed his image, which meant going on TV —”and talking to George about media is like talking to the Pope about gay sex.” George hated journalists. He blamed them for turning him into a national villain. There was only one media figure he liked: Hannity. Fortunately, Hannity—and especially Hannity’s viewers on Fox News—liked him back. George, whose legal debt was in the seven figures, briefly had a website that accepted PayPal donations, and it lit up every time Hannity mentioned the incident on-air.

While the family was plotting for a Kardashian-like takeover, George was trying to make ends-meet by selling his paintings, doing meet and greets, and toying with a failed attempt to step into the ring with DMX.

The family, including George’s parents, revealed they took up disguises as they moved around in hotels to protect themselves from people still upset over the not guilty verdict that allowed their sibling to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin without jail time.

“I understand you may consider us uncooperative or somewhat paranoid,” Bob wrote. “However, we live with a situation that can not easily be imagined. We have known the results when various individuals have realized one of us is a Zimmerman.”

This much is certain: The Zimmermans rarely venture out of that small house in central Florida. They are isolated and bored. They pass the time caring for Gladys’s mom and watching Spanish-language telenovelas and Duck Dynasty and Real Housewives and Fox News. George, unbelievably, seems to be back in neighborhood-watchman mode; this summer the police found him sitting in his truck outside a friend’s motorcycle shop in the middle of the night.

The family says they’re trying to live a normal life, but they believe it’s something they’ll never achieve.


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