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So this happened.

A white Ohio mother is suing a Chicago-area sperm bank, alleging they gave her vials from an African-American donor to father her now 2-year-old daughter Payton, although they requested a white donor.

The reproductive facility sent Jennifer Cramblett of Uniontown, Ohio and her same-sex partner Amanda Zinkon vials from donor No.330 instead of No.380 — the latter being the individual they chose after searching through pages of comprehensive histories of their top three donors.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Cramblett, 36, learned of the mistake in April 2012, when she was pregnant and ordering more vials so that the couple could have another child with sperm from the same donor, according to the lawsuit. The sperm bank delivered vials from the correct donor in August 2011, but Cramblett later requested more vials, according to the suit.

Cramblett is suing Midwest Sperm Bank for wrongful birth and breach of warranty, citing the emotional and economic losses she has suffered.


“On August 21, 2012, Jennifer gave birth to Payton, a beautiful, obviously mixed-race baby girl,” the lawsuit states. “Jennifer bonded with Payton easily and she and Amanda love her very much. Even so, Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future.”

In the lawsuit, Cramblett cites Payton’s “obvious” mixed ancestry as the emotional toll, detailing the difficulty of raising a half-black child.

Reasons? Her racist town, for one.

Raising a mixed-race daughter has been stressful in Cramblett and Zinkon’s small, all-white community, according to the suit. Cramblett was raised around people with stereotypical attitudes about nonwhites, the lawsuit states, and did not know African-Americans until she attended college at the University of Akron.

“Because of this background and upbringing, Jennifer acknowledges her limited cultural competency relative to African-Americans and steep learning curve, particularly in small, homogenous Uniontown, which she regards as too racially intolerant,” the lawsuit states.

Another reason Cramblett is having a hard time accepting that her daughter is half black? Because it simply makes her uncomfortable.

Part of that learning curve has included getting her daughter’s hair cut, which according to the suit requires Cramblett to travel to a black neighborhood, “where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome.”

Oh, did we mention her racist family?

She fears that her “all white and unconsciously insensitive family,” which has never been able to fully embrace Jennifer’s homosexuality, could have a negative effect on her daughter, according to the lawsuit.

“Though compelled to repress her individuality amongst family members, Payton’s differences are irrepressible, and Jennifer does not want Payton to feel stigmatized or unrecognized due simply to the circumstances of her birth,” the lawsuit states. “Jennifer’s stress and anxiety intensify when she envisions Payton entering an all-white school.”

According to the Tribune, Cramblett’s therapists have advised her to move to a more diverse neighborhood to make raising Payton easier.

No word if they worked on Cramblett and her family’s own intolerance to brown and black people.

We’re staying tuned.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

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