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Wiz Khalifa isn’t great at hiding his grief.

We all know his posts have been a little strange ever since he and Amber Rose separated, but we chalked it up to Wiz just being the wild stoner that he is. But the weirdness hasn’t really stopped – there was that photo of his “little booty,” his hair is now purple, and those “smile for the day” pics, in which he actually looks kind of sad.

This morning, the rapper hit Twitter with the photo above. The caption he chose is what threw us off. As he turns his back to the camera in his bathrobe, jeans, and Converse, he delicately touches the palm tree and adds: “Cause your a cutie.”

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Before that, he hit the ‘Gram with a similar photo of himself in the same bathrobe, captioning the pic “Wake up everyday and throw yourself a small party.” But there’s not even the slightest hint that he’s having any fun.

Then there was this:

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…Which he captioned “Your fathers here” while rocking his favorite mom jeans. Maybe we’re looking into this too deeply but, like we said, this isn’t the first time Wiz has gotten a little strange on social media.

There was one very normal pic shared by the Taylor Gang leader in the past 24 hours. He showed off his love for ganja in a black and white photo, simply captioned: “3:14am”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Twitter

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