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Things may not all be peaches and cream in the life of Chris Brown, but at least they seem to  be progressing.

After doing a stint in jail, the singer recently went to court for a progress report on the Rihanna assault case, and was sentenced to commit four full days of community labor a week. Though this may seem to be a bit much, it’s not all bad. Because he will be doing more days, the singer is expected to be done with all his hours by January.

Chris’ therapist even wrote a letter to the court, expressing how well the 25-year-old has been doing. According to TMZ:

“Chris’ therapist wrote a letter to the judge raving about his progress, saying he has his act together. The shrink says he’s following his “medication management.”

Since coming back from jail, Chris has been enjoying his life, hanging out with ride or die girlfriend Karruecheand releasing new music.


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