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October 27th marked the 110th birthday of the New York City subway system.

Anyone living on the G line knows the antiquated cars and terrible wait times feel more like 376- years-old, but hey, who’s counting?

The point is, since 1904, the subway system has been an unprecedented engineering feat that opened up worlds and opportunities to New Yorkers living in the five boroughs. It does not, however, come without a price.

The delays. The crowded trains. The funny smells. The dirty cars. NYC Subway, you’re too old for this shit. It’s time to get your life together on this here birthday. But remember, we still love you for numerous reasons.

So yes, you still deserve all the birthday tweets:

Because you’re full of surprises:

No really, all the surprises:

And we can always rely on you for a game of “Guess That Smell:”

And your riders, well, aren’t they the sweetest:

And they make even the most serious of situations fun:

Taking the subway is like a big human hug, every rush hour:

And we’re always reminded to be thankful for what we have:

But hey, sometimes you mess up:

Like most times you mess up:

But then we see things like this and remember how cool it is to be one with the subway system:

You need a little work:

And there’s almost always flatulence:

But we know you’re sorry for it all:

And we’re sorry for this:

We should really treat you better for making us the strong, heartless New Yorkers we are:

We should treat you better for providing all those charming train conductors:

And for…well, not for this:

But definitely because you have taught us all about the world…and unfortunately about sex-ed:

On second thought, we could really do without the bodily fluids. Anyway, we love you. And at the end of the day:

Nothing compares to you. Cue the Sinead O’Conner version. Here’s to a short, non-crowded commute that we doubt we’ll ever experience. Have the happiest of birthdays.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Twitter, Getty

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