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Kanye West might be known in the media as a strongly-opinionated, and sometimes over-the-top person, but really, he’s a pretty great guy.

This week, the man who doesn’t typically get along with the paparazzi changed his tune a little, taking a photo with one photog since he admired his sweatshirt.

Well, according to TMZ, ever since Yeezy showed love to the pap in the D9 Reserve top, it’s completely sold out!

The site reports:

The always fashion-conscious Yeezus became a Pied Piper of sorts with the pic he snapped of a pap wearing a sweet sweaty. The manufacturer — D9 Reserve — instantly sold out … more than 300 sweatshirts at $135 a pop. That’s a cool $40K.

D9 is big in the weed scene, promoting pot in its fashions.

As for the sweatshirt, the company does not plan to restock, which will make the 300 instant classics.

Consider yourself co-signed by `Ye if you copped one of the sweatshirts!

Meanwhile, Kanye also showed love to the upcoming talent on the East Coast, as he headed over to Jersey City to attend a hip-hop open mic night.

Surprising all of the attendees, Yeezy was in the building to check out 17-year-old rapper Jahmila Sandifer, who goes by Jay Hype.

The restaurant owner told E! News of his appearance:

“There was a girl that was slowly starting to show her face around here. She silently invited him without telling anyone.”

“We have a music engineer who sets everything up and he was told within minutes of Kanye’s arrival. Her set was later on and the engineer was told minutes before that they had to bump up her set because Kanye was on the block.”

So how did Kanye act at a smaller venue, being the big star he is and all?

“Totally chill and cool. Quiet, cool, and collected. It was awesome.”

Hate all you want, but Kanye is really just all about the talent and the product – just like he says!


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