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Hey People magazine, we’re gonna let you finish, but Idris Elba was the sexiest man of 2014. And so was Nick Jonas. And Drake.

We get it though, there are a whole lot of really fine fish in the sea, and hooking only one to be deemed the best looking is a harrowing task, but we’re just going to have to agree to disagree with the decision to give that accolade to Chris Hemsworth. We mean, do they not have eyes or did they just completely forget about his little brother Liam??

Because we couldn’t pick just one, we rounded up our own list of the hottest of the hottest out there today, all for your viewing pleasure in the gallery below, from Ryan Gosling to Colin Kaepernick. And no, ladies, it’s not about to get hot in here—it’s just you. Don’t agree with our picks? Let us know about yours in the comment section.


GlobalGrind’s 2014 Sexiest Men Alive (PHOTOS)
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