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Mike Nichols, award-winning director of such classics as “The Graduate,” “Working Girl,” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” has died at the age of 83. The family of Nichols say the director passed Wednesday evening. The husband of news anchor Diane Sawyer, Nichols was admired for his unique skill to create quality dramas and comedies. Several of his films won Oscars and Emmys like “The Graduate” and “Angles In America.”  A private ceremony will take place this week with a memorial date to be announced. [Huff Post

As today marks the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910, protestors and family members of the missing 43 students continue to take to the streets in outcry over Mexican President Peña Nieto’s actions over the country’s tragedy. Many of the parents refused to believe the bodies found last week are indeed the missing students. They also claim that the government is trying to cover up the crime instead of launching a full investigation. Check out more details here. [The Guardian

Liberia is currently facing troubles with their own government over infighting for the handling of the deadly Ebola Virus. Minutes from high-level meetings were released with officials fighting over the the treatment of patients, lack effective medial equipment, and the separation of Ebola victims and regular patients in hospitals. Read snippets from the meetings here. [NY Times]

It’s time to step away from your phones. A new report, by New York spine surgeon Kenneth Hansraj, has revealed that heavy texting and explorations in to your phone are damaging your spine. The lower your head is while your staring at your phone, the more pressure there is on your spine, causing several spinal issues in the future. Hansraj suggests to pay attention to how you’re viewing your phones to reduce any spinal problems. [Huff Post