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The identified Florida State University shooter showed symptoms of a mental illness before opening fire at the school, the Daily Mail reports.

Myron May, 31, was shot and killed by police after he went on a shooing rampage at the campus library late Thursday night. Myron was a graduate from FSU and was described as a happy-go-lucky guy by his friends. May was a lawyer who moved from Texas to Mexico for work. After moving back to Florida and facing bankruptcy, his ex-girlfriend claims May became paranoid and was diagnosed with ADHD.

May began to display erratic behavior including posting to an online conspiracy theory group, Targeted Individuals International, and boasting claims that the government was watching him. May was staying at the home of friend Abigail Taunton in Wewahitchka when he left her a note that said he was heading to Tallahassee on Sunday. Taunton says May was troubled about his financial issues, but never showed any harm to himself or others.

Taunton said even though May was in the process of filing for bankruptcy, there was “no indication he could do something like this” and that she was “devastated.” May ran cross country with Taunton’s sons at Wewahitchka High, she said.

She said she and her husband gave May a familiar place to stay while he studied for the Florida Bar. May received his law degree from Texas Tech and was licensed to practice law in Texas in 2009.

“He was a little down,” Taunton said about May’s mood.

“He had some financial problems,” she said. “Just going from a big law job to a smaller law job. I don’t know. We were trying to encourage him. We thought he was doing better and feeling better about himself. We’re just in shock like everybody else. This is just crazy.”

His ex-girlfriend also says that he was under medication for his mental illness but still showed bizarre behavior.

An Oct. 7 report indicates May went to his ex-girlfriend’s house and told her he thought police were bugging his phone and placing cameras in his home and car.

The ex-girlfriend told police May handed her a piece of his car and said she should keep it because it was a camera the police had put in his vehicle. He then left her house.

She also told police May had been diagnosed with ADHD and was using prescription medication to manage the condition, according to the police report. She and May had been dating for 15 months before the relationship ended.

She told police May’s mental disorder “has been steadily progressing for the last several weeks and within the last couple of days it had gotten bad,” according to the report.

Students are still recovering from the shooting on campus, with many of them still in shock.

Police are now looking into mysterious packages that were sent to some of May’s friends before his death.

Joe Paul, who attended FSU with May, told ABC that he was one of eight people on a group message from May, and he doesn’t know the seven others.

“We’re a little afraid,” Paul said. “Why did he chose us?”

In the message, May wrote “I sent the packages today. The expected deliveries are Friday,” with pictures of each of the Priority Mail envelopes attached.

“What did he send everyone? Was it a manifesto? Was it a message? I don’t know. I think I’m just as curious as everyone else,” Paul said in the WSB-TV interview.

Police have instructed the group when they receive the packages to notify the authorities immediately.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, ABC News | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc.