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A school board member from Hooks, Texas issued an apology after posting a joke about the Ku Klux Klan on Facebook.

Chris Harris, a board member in the Hooks Independent School District, posted the meme above to his Facebook page on November 24th. After he received a large amount of backlash earlier this week regarding the joke, it was deleted and replaced with two full-blown apologies:

Harris also added that he was simply joking and it was “taken out of context.” Since racism and the holidays are the punch lines here, it’s hard to see which context he’s referring to.

Hooks ISD Superintendent Ronnie Thompson commented on the incident, but said he’s unsure if Harris will be fired by the board for his “joke.”

“News travels fast and you have to be careful, because it can do a lot of damage to you and others,” said Hooks ISD Superintendent Ronnie Thompson. “People can get into trouble quickly….They [the board] govern me. That is who I answer to. They govern each other. It is in their hands.”

The school board will meet December 15 to discuss Harris’ incident.

SOURCE: Talking Points Memo | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook 

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