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Being black in America is hard.

That’s no secret. In the past month, we’ve watched a Ferguson, Mo. police officer avoid charges for shooting an unarmed teenager, an Ohio police officer shoot a 12-year-old boy for playing with a toy gun, and a grand jury fail to indict an NYPD police officer who strangled a man to death.

And in the wake of that announcement, people took to the NYC streets to protest the death of Eric Garner and the failure to reprimand the officer for taking an innocent life. They weren’t alone. Cities all over the nation erupted in protests demanding justice and an overhaul of a system that for so long has allowed law enforcement to dispose of black and brown bodies without consequence.

Enter #CrimingWhileWhite — a hashtag born into Twitter infamy by Jason Ross,  a Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon comedy writer, in an attempt to share the experiences of white people who have had totally opposite (and positive) encounters with law enforcement.

The result? An insightful look into the world of white privilege told by, well, white people themselves.

Take a look at some of the shocking, frustrating, and sometimes hilarious examples below:

Not yet convinced law enforcement treats black people differently? Check out #AliveWhileBlack (created by Ebony editor Jamilah Lemieux). Although, we all know how that’s going in America.

SOURCE: Twitter

NYC Protests Following Eric Garner Grand Jury Non-Indictment (PHOTOS)
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