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A three-year-old child is currently in the hospital after his mother’s boyfriend beat him viciously for eating the last piece of cheesecake, WFSB reports.

Police in Memphis, TN retold the bizarre story during a court appearance for Katrina Johnson and her boyfriend Anthony Gulledge, both of whom have been charged with aggravated child abuse. Gulledge came home and noticed the child ate the last piece of the dessert on Saturday. He dragged the child by the ankle into a room and beat him, police said, resulting in a broken thigh bone and bruised lungs.

Johnson, who has a history of domestic violence drama with Gulledge, didn’t report the incident until the next day.

Sunday, January 11, Johnson took her son the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Doctors say he had a broken thigh bone, a dislocated vertebrae, and bruised lungs. Police arrested Gulledge Sunday. Monday, they cuffed Johnson.

State law says Johnson committed a crime by waiting to report the abuse.

“Priority for her should have been to protect this child and to stop the abuse from happening,” Barbara King said. She’s the executive director for The Exchange Club Family Center.

King slammed the adults for their behavior and broke down the difference between effectively disciplining and abusing a child.

“These children are the least able to protect themselves, and these are children that are attacked. If you did that to an adult, it’d be assault and you’d be put in jail.”

The two have yet to be released from jail.

SOURCE: Eyewitness News | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc. 

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