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Big Sean has been dominating the charts with his brand new album Dark Sky Paradise, but when he’s not running all over the place to show love to his fans, he’s getting love from his girlfriend Ariana Grande.

While the two are both on separate tours at the moment, it seems that their relationship isn’t going to miss a beat when they’re on the road.

The “Blessings” rapper recently called into Big Bink and Misty Jordan’s Power 107.5 radio show, where he talked about his relationship with Ariana, and revealed what she has in common with his ex-fiancé Naya Rivera. He also talks about how they met, what impressed him about her, and how fans can stay in touch with him the best.

See some snippets from the interview below.

On how often him and Ariana get to see each other with their schedules:

I see her pretty often. There’s times where I see her every day, and then there’s times where it’s a couple of weeks, but it’s all good though.

On how they met:

I met her a few years ago, a long time ago, at Wango Tango for a radio show, before she even put her first song out. She was a fan of mine! She came up to me and was rapping a song I have called “Gang Bang” with Wiz Khalifa. She was cool, man. I kept seeing her, and was like, ‘I keep running into you,’ and she was like ‘yeah, I know.’ We just started kicking it. We we’re really friends for a year, really.

On what Ariana and Naya have in common:

They are regular girls. They’re still regular. They have the same personalities. It’s just their profession.

On Naya Rivera announcing her pregnancy after his album release:

Nah, I didn’t even notice for a long time. I don’t think it effected anything, you know? It’s all good. It’s no hard feelings. I wish the best for her for sure.

It can’t be easy for these two to be so busy and maintain their relationship, but they seem to have a great recipe to keep the love all there.

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