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Bill Cosby’s rape scandal has resulted in the loss of accolades and opportunities for the 78-year-old comedian. According to reports, Cosby has been dropped from one of his latest film roles in an upcoming documentary that highlights Black stuntmen. The film, called Painted Down, explores how White stunt performers were painted to look like Black actors. “Cosby is no longer attached to the project,” said the film’s producer, Nonie Robinson. “We were the last project standing behind him, but now with Whoopi (Goldberg) and (Creative Artists Agency) pulling the plug, we must also disassociate and cut all ties with Cosby. It’s the right thing to do in light of the recent court deposition being made public.” Read more.

According to reports, a Memphis man lost his life on Saturday while being apprehended by police officials. Troy Goode attended a concert with his wife and was reportedly intoxicated. The couple left the event and their car went out of control. Police officials were called to the scene and detained Goode. He told cops he was having trouble breathing due to asthma, according to his family’s attorney. A video of the incident was posted on YouTube. “Paramedics arrived on scene, and I see them put him in a four-point restraint or hogtie, I don’t know how else to describe it,” said Memphis attorney David McLaughlin. “His legs were crossed, pulled back, by my vantage point, his hands were pulled back, and I think affixed to at least one of his legs. He looked to me like he was struggling or convulsing or both. He appeared to be in distress to me.” Goode died at Baptist Memorial Hospital in DeSoto. Read more.

Say your prayers for Andre Berto…TMZ Sports just confirmed he’ll be facing Floyd Mayweather this fall. The fight has been rumored for weeks, but both athletes recently confirmed that it is on. Berto apparently has some beef with Mayweather, and claims he’s prank dialed him various times in the past all because of a girl…in other words, the fight is bound to be a bloodbath. The two will fight in Vegas on September 12th. Mayweather is 48-0 and Berto is 33-3. Read more.


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