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Prepare to gag.

If you’re sick and tired of Miley Cyrus, oh f*cking well. The 22-year-old pop star basically annoyed the entire millennial population for four hours during her VMA hosting gig, dropped a free album, and then released this glittery vile video – all within the past two days.

Similar to her album cover, Miley can be seen shoving globs of glitter in her mouth, gargling glitter, and then letting the sparkly substance ooze out of her man pleaser. She also pours milk and what appears to be caramel on her face. But wait for it folks, it gets better. By the end of the video, Miley finishes off her facial with rainbow sprinkles.

Let’s just say, we can’t believe we watched the entire thing.

If you want to subject yourself, check out Miley’s fluid-filled visual up top.

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