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Don’t let anyone tell you that New York isn’t still contributing to the growth of hip-hop.

Brooklyn’s own KOTA just released a down-tempo jam called “Customs,” which is laced with a whistle reminiscent of any Leave it to Beaver episode. And somehow it still works. KOTA explained his music’s vibe to Pigeons and Planes, saying, “While I feel good about what I’m about to do, I have to remember and feel emotion. I want people to feel the sun on their face and the gloomy discomfort I feel when they listen to it.”

With legendary influences like Jay Z, Nas, Kid Cudi, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles, it’s no surprise that KOTA’s catchy music is still so grounded. It’s easier to control the direction of your music when you write and produce all of your own tracks, like KOTA does. Not to mention the Clinton Hill native is a photographer and also plans to produce videos for all of his tracks on his forthcoming EP.

Listen to his new track and be on the lookout for his anticipated project to drop come spring.

SOURCE: Pigeons and Planes

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