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The Miss World pageant regularly features a diverse cast of stunning beauty queens, but at this year’s event, one contestant in particular broke down barriers.

Sanneta Myrie became the first contestant to wear her hair in dreadlocks at the pageant, in which she placed in the top five. Following Saturday’s event, which was held in China, Sanneta spoke to BET about the importance of her dreadlocks:

I lock my hair because I identify with it. I am very much rooted in that Afro-centric nature, where we as Jamaicans are rooted. It’s my expression.

How stunning is Sanneta? The 24-year-old contestant, who is also a doctor, was crowned Miss Jamaica in August.

Other contestants from Jamaica have been known to embrace their natural beauty in the form of dreadlocks, such as Zahra Redwood. Redwood competed for the Miss Universe title in 2007 and was the first Rastafarian to be crowned Miss Jamaica.

SOURCE: Jezebel, BET | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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