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While many people aspire to see the world in their lifetime, few actually seize the opportunity to do so.

Often, would-be travelers believe they simply don’t have the money to fund their dream vacation. But also, there’s the idea that traveling is largely a thing that, for the most part, only White people do. Which can be attributed to the images of travel that most-often showcase mainly White families.

Since its start in 2013, Travel Noire has made great strides in disproving that narrative. At the forefront of what is being dubbed the Black travel movement, Travel Noire highlights travelers of color as they capture jaw-dropping photos during their trips around the world.

In a testament to their growing social media presence of nearly 200,000 Instagram followers, founder Zim Ugochukwu landed herself a spot on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Zim was inspired to launch Travel Noire after “struggling to find images of young black travelers like herself.”

From sitting atop mountainous views in South Africa, to zip-lining through the Philippines; if you’re looking for travel inspiration, Travel Noire’s got it all. And it’s enough to make you feel like you were there.

Click through the gallery below for the most breathtaking moments Travel Noire has to offer.

SOURCE: Forbes | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

The Most Breathtaking Moments Travel Noire Has To Offer
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