Food heals all wounds.

Former rival L.A. gang members Malachai Jenkins (Crip) and Roberto Smith (Blood) put their old issues aside to start a new business – a catering company they appropriately named Trap Kitchen LA.

After years spent in their respective gangs, it seems both grew tired of the violence and trouble that came with it.

Introduced by a mutual friend, Vibe reports that the two “became fast comrades” when they actually spoke to one another.

The site reports: Jenkins then enrolled in the famed culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, and from there things began to change. Upon finishing his courses, Jenkins, who also goes by the name Chef Spanky, began cooking meals and posting the finishing product on Instagram. Soon, people started placing orders and slowly, their catering business Trap Kitchen LA was birthed.

Here’s what Jenkins and Smith had to say about their newfound companionship:

“All money isn’t good money, Jenkins said. “[Selling drugs] worked for me for a little while until it started to get me into trouble, so I had to find something legit to do.” Smith adds: “The gang stuff, the shootings, now that I’m in this kitchen, I don’t go through none of that.”

As for the Trap Kitchen, they’ve got a good thing going. Here’s how it works:

The way it works is Jenkins puts the daily menu on Instagram and people then place their orders. The men make everything from the simple yet comforting chicken and waffles to the popular and more decadent $25 Pineapple Friday dish which is made up of King Crab, lobster, jumbo shrimp and salmon over white rice covered in Teriyaki Sriracha sesame seeds and green onions placed inside an actual pineapple. Whatever your stomach desires, the gentlemen of Trap Kitchen LA will serve you.

We’ll be placing our orders soon.

SOURCE: Vibe | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram