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The existence of power banks is a first-world luxury, but the existence of pop culture-inspired power banks is a WattzUp luxury.

Over the years, WattzUp has produced weed, unicorn, heart, smiling poop, and eggplant power banks, but now they’re upping the anti with Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac (Makaveli) power banks.

WattzUp’s Fall ’16 collection features Notorious B.I.G, two variations of Makaveli, an ice cream cone, pizza, a spray can, and a blow dryer portable power bank. WattzUp also created a “Respek On My Name” power bank, which is inspired by Birdman’s infamous Breakfast Club interview rant.

To get your own Biggie, “Respek On My Name,” or Makaveli power bank, click here.


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