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Once upon a time, a group of reporters’ children decided to spend their Friday visiting Donald Trump in the White House. Decked in Halloween costumes, the highlights included:

1. A kid dressed as Batman told Trump one of the kids was Japanese…to which Trump responded, “I’m going to be in Japan in two weeks.” The kid dressed as Batman didn’t seem to care.


2. Trump starts passing out candy to the kids. He tells one of them, “Well you have no weight problems, that’s the good news” because who better to bring up weight problems with than a tiny child.

3. One kid dressed as Princess Leia seemed to keep looking for a way out.

4. Trump tells the press in the room that they did a good job with their kids. However, he lets it be known that they didn’t do a good job when it came to him. A perfect way to end a Trump  gathering — making it about himself.


You can check out the full awkward encounter below.