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The status of Everyday Struggle has been up in the air since the new year, following Joe Budden‘s sudden departure for the show. During their hiatus, many fans expected that the show wouldn’t be returning at all, because the views on their videos the first week missing Budden were pretty tragic compared to their normal viewership. As a surprise to many, the show returned this week and came with a new co-host in tow to take Joe’s place: Troi Torain, AKA STAR.

The radio host definitely wasn’t an obvious choice by any means, but because of his off-color comments and plain outrageousness, a lot of people think he’s a good pick to offset what the show will be missing without Joe. Others are firm on their “No Joe, No Show” path and are waiting to see what his next endeavor is so they can go to support that instead. Take a peek at what people are saying about Everyday Struggle’s new addition. Will you be watching?


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