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You ever scroll down your Instagram timeline and think, “all these girls are starting to look exactly alike!”  So have we.

Now, thanks to some historians,beauty experts and physicians, we know why most Instagram Influencers look like beauty clones. Beauty historian Rachel Weingarten told the Huff Post that “our beauty habits were defined by factors like geography and ethnicity. For example, if you lived in a certain part of Asia, you may have used skin whiteners, or if you lived in France in the 1700s, you probably powdered your wigs.”

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She added “But the time that things really started to affect beauty was probably the ’40s and ’50s, when celebrities started to show up in magazines as beauty ideals. Then everybody started copying the celebrities.” So imagine how drastically things have affected people thanks to the Internet.

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Weingarten pointed out that these days, we learn about trends that are popular in other parts of the world more quickly than we ever would have in the past, and we can participate in them. But the point that stood out the most was when the historian touched on race.

She said, “The other thing that happened is people are no longer clearly defined by their ethnicity, their race, even their gender. So, there’s this weird conformity where it used to be if you were Asian or Caucasian, that limited your beauty. If you had African-American hair, that made you look a certain way. You don’t have to do that anymore.”

Add the fact that folks genuinely just want to fit in and not be ostracized and you get the perfect recipe for basic beauty clones. Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to share you thoughts on how social media has changed the standard of beauty.