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Once again, Michael B. Jordan had to defend himself and his “love” for Black women after yet another photo surfaced of him surrounded by YT women.

Let’s not forget this moment in swirl history:

The Black Panther star took to Instagram live to plead his case once again with the same old song and dance: “I love all women.”


But the gag is, no one believes him:

Including some of the Global Grind staff (some of whom use to be big fans of MBJ before his “preference” was exposed). Peep the conversation below:

Sukii: we aint never seen you with no NESTLE MICHAEL

anthonykiyonnaDamn i use to love him

rdunmore13: Michael B’s like one night stand

anthonykiyonna: he’s not wifey material lol

Sukiilol he just wanna be young and play the field it sounds like


Mike is a young, successful guy — so if he wants to play the field, we can’t knock him.


But to the Black women who feel disappointed in him, there’s plenty more marvelous melanin men where that came from. At least we think so:

Sukii: that director guy though… whats his name again? ISSA HUSBAND

anthonykiyonna: Yessirrrr, Coogler! very much a husband lol. Still on the fence about Chadwick though

Sukii: Lol eh i’ll pass

rdunmore13: Chadwick is the one. Black Panther did wonders for him lol

anthonykiyonna: yea you’re right. i was not checking for him as Thurgood lol

rdunmore13: lol exaaactly! historical figures aren’t that sexy

Sukii: haha nope not at all… but they will say Obama was sexy for sure


So the next time you get mad at Michael B. Jordan, or any brother you feel isn’t attracted to Black women — just keep in mind the wise words of our Trap & Savior, Gucci Mane: “Miss one, next 15 one coming.”