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Akbar V has a new visual you need to tune into if you haven’t seen it already.

We got a chance to meet with the rising star recently and not only was her music unforgettable, so was her personality. Straight off of Cleveland Ave, the Atlanta rapper is all about keeping it real—but she’s also got a knack for infusing inspiration and energy into your soul with high-pressure bars and a whole lot of #BigMamaTalk. If you haven’t witnessed it for yourself just yet, press play to become acquainted:

Those who have been a part of Akbar V’s cult following have heard many tunes from the rapper about dealing with struggle and pain, but she’s starting the new year off on a slightly different vibe, as “Choices” is all about securing the bag and hustling hard. It’s all about dismissing any hate or negative vibes that are trying to catch up with you, so you can get to the money—we’re here for it!

We asked the young hustler where she finds the strength to stay focused on the bigger picture. “God is my keeper! I’ve been through the struggle so long that the only way is up!,” she tells Global Grind. “That means I’m trusting God and bossin’ up because these hoes not my equal! #BigMamaTalk.”

Watch her new visual above. It’s set at a corner gas station on Cleveland Ave where she grew up. Also look out for Akbar V’s new album 6/08 due on Valentine’s Day.

6/08 Tracklisting:

1. “06/08” ft. Tiffany Evans

2. “Choices”

3. “Dedicated” ft. Kollision

4. “Aware” ft. 24hrs

5. “Time” ft. Ink

6. “Movin’ On” ft. Natasha Mosley

7. “Love”

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