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For The Culture Episode One

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In episode 1 of “For The Culture”, presented by Xfinity, Rae Holliday, Lore’l and Jamal Jimoh play a game of Jenga with a twist. The rules are simple. Each person must pull a block from the Jenga tower and before they can place the block at the top of the tower, they must first complete the task written on it.

Jamal pulls the first block, which has the crew creating off the wall titles for trap songs. Rae Holliday is next to pull a block, in which he is tasked with asking his fellow teammates about what the phrase “for the culture” means to them.

“It’s a sense of pride but it’s also a sense of sharing that pride and building it as opposed to creating barriers,” says Jamal.

After their game, the crew takes a break to speak with Edward Corcino who is doing some amazing things in the community by way of the Harlem Repertory Theatre.

Check out more of “For The Culture” by pressing play on the video above.


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