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R&B music is making a come back and we are happy to see it. While many are still debating whether Jacquees is the king and others are willingly living amidst their nostalgia, new acts are popping up daily and dare we say — they’re pretty talented. Our latest musical find is LVNDVN (pronounced Landon), who quickly captured us with his mysterious approach to getting himself out there.

Hailing from New Jersey, the R&B musician, while still on the come up, is anything but unknown. Back in 2017, he dropped the single  “Moon Lit District,” which garnered him a lot of new looks.  His song “Dragon” is nearing 2 million streams on Spotify and he counted some 488k fans on the platform in 2018. Much like The Weeknd did when he first entered the scene many many years ago, LVNDVN prefers to be mysterious. You won’t find many interviews with him or even much use on social media for that matter. He tends to hide in the shadows, often giving us a minimal glimpse of him if we get a glimpse at all. It’s a little Bryson Tiller’esque but I mean, it worked for H.E.R. and she’s a Grammy award winner. There must be something about the formula that brings success. Honestly, if it makes the people focus on the music more than the superficial, LVNDVN might have the right idea. 

As we head into Spring, and more and more fans become aware of LVNDVN as a new artist, he has delivered ‘HYPRWRLD’, a selection of mood music reminiscent of The Weeknd (seriously, the similarities are uncanny). He hits us with songs like “Locations”, which gives you a vibe that one cold say sounds like heartbreak in a smoke filled lounge. Then there’s  “Moon Drip” which is a short burst love tale that hits to the core. LVNDVN does a great job of channeling the sound that is trending today but making it his own. It’s enough for him to fit in with the state of today’s R&B while simultaneously giving us enough to set him apart from other artists on the market today.
With some 28k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, LVNDVN is making a strong case on his new EP to be the next “it” voice in R&B. You can follow LVNDVN on Instagram and Twitter at @moonlvndvn and stream ‘HYPRWRLD’ on Spotify here today!