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Months before the warmer weather picked up, Meg Thee Stallion set the precedent for a Hot Girl summer. Of course, once the fellas got a whiff of our plans to have ALL the fun — maybe even at their expense — they declared it a City Boyz summer too, and to be honest we’ve kind of been feeling like they’re in the lead.

But over the weekend, Hot Girl Meg hit social media for a quick huddle with her team and it was the pep talk we needed. “Just because y’all dudes doing f*ck sh*t and getting CAUGHT don’t mean y’all in the ‘lead,'” she tweeted. “Real hot girls move in silence… think about that lol.”

In other words, Hot Girls, do not be discouraged…it’s still our summer. To give you some inspiration on how to get the most out of these next couple of months, we put together an official 2019 Hot Girl Coaching Staff, starting with Meg. Check it out.

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Hot Girl Meg – Leader of the stallions, Meg owns her sexuality and doesn’t let anyone tell her who she SHOULD be.

Hot Girl Rih – Original Hot Girl Rih is all the inspiration we need to know how to move this summer. She handles business, she has fun, and she’s 100% herself at all times.



Hot Girl Jordyn – Jordyn one-upped one of the most famous families in the world, then refocused the attention on her brand and how GOOD she looks. Y’all thought f*ck boy Tristan Thompson was about to hold her back? Not in this lifetime, or in the next.

Hot Girl Trina – There can be no Hot Girl roster without mentioning the baddest b*tch. Trina is still every inch the diamond princess that we grew up knowing. She holds no punches and GAWD… that BAWDY.

Hot Girl Lori – Y’all know about Ms. Harvey and how she skrrt skrrt’ed on several of your celebrity crushes without batting an eye. Savage.

Honorable mentions…

Saweetie – Saweetie is all cuffed up, but her music inspires us to go out and get what we want, whatever that may be.

Caresha is a little pregnant at the moment. But she is definitely one of the young women who inspired this Hot Girl/City Girls summer movement.

It appears Taina may be newly single… and by the looks of her instagram, she’s ready to have a hot girl summer indeed. This here is a hot girl in training.

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