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Already a viral sensation and arguably the cutest reporter alive, Jaden Jefferson is going full steam ahead with his career in broadcast journalism.

Most recently, Jaden hit up The Ellen DeGeneres Show and they flashed back to an impromptu interview he did with Brad Pitt. He had no idea the famous actor wanted to sit with him for a chat, but he was ready and even got some fast facts out of Pitt that a lot of fans probably never knew.

When asked what he wanted to be when he was Jaden’s age (11), Pitt said he wanted to build homes and that, at the time, he’d been fascinated by construction and how different people live. Ellen was highly impressed by the interview — so impressed, in fact, she announced she’d be giving Jaden the opportunity to interview Oprah Winfrey next.

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Check the clip out up top and hit the flip to see a few more photos of the young Black king.

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