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I have been unsuccessful all this week connecting with Kermit Delashment Sr. regarding our scheduled interview this past Monday. According to one family member, things are still quite busy on his end and from what I understand, the case surrounding the death of his son is still unsolved. As soon as I can reconnect with him and have this interview, I will post it on this site.

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This was just sent to me from a representative of the Delashment family. The following was written as a response to a report covering this tragedy which appeared in the Chicago Sun Times.

Greetings. I am writing regarding the news story you reported on Kermit DeLashment Jr, Chicago’s 500th homicide victim of 2008. Thank you for reporting this senseless crime; we recognize that not all homicides are reported. I would like, however, to ask you and/or your colleague (Frank Main) to write a follow-up story on this phenomenal young man who was an innocent victim. Your story about this crime was quite informative, except for the fact that you left out the feelings and perspective of his father, Kermit DeLashment Sr (who also had final words with his son). Through journalistic omission, it appears as if the victim, Kermit DeLashment Jr., may have been fatherless; which leaves the probable assumption that the victim may have been prone to a life on the streets. However, such is not the case. Mr. Kermit DeLashment Sr. and Michele DeLashment (mother) were married. Kermit DeLashment Jr. had a very close relationship not just with his mother but his father as well (who he was living with at the ti me of his death). Kermit DeLashment Sr. was available to be interviewed (and still is) as was Michele DeLashment (whom you did interview). Since this case is still under investigation, a follow-up story would be appropriate, in that it would give you the opportunity to interview police authorities as to the status of their investigation and to also
interview Kermit DeLashment Sr.

Nevertheless, beyond the sphere of the 500th victim, affectionately known by his family and friends as as Lil’ Kerm, there rests the obvious reality that the homicide wave in Chicago is astounding; Chicago is America’s murder capital. A follow-up story would also grant greater insight on this catastrophic phenomenon. In addition, comprehensive reporting is critical because it provides multidimensional reflection. Thus, in this case, not only would it highlight the actual incident, including various perspectives, but it would also highlight probable causes (e.g., loose guns laws) and preventative measures such as ramifications currently being proposed by legal and political arms.

The homicide wave in Chicago, as vast as it is, has not sparked enough national attention. If this problem is not addressed on a national spectrum, we can expect the homicide rate to escalate. It is therefore, the request that you consider writing a follow-up story on Kermit DeLashment Jr. On behalf of the family, your efforts in the initial reporting are appreciated, and it is the hope that both Kermit DeLashment Jr’s life and death will serve a purpose of shedding light on senseless homicides in Chicago and across the country.

Thank you so kindly,
D’edra Y. Armstrong – Family Representative

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