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Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys show off their gorgeous oceanside mansion with Architectural Digest. The best part of the video is how the couple casually flexes their expensive art collection.

In the ten minute tour of their mansion with the magazine, focused on interior design and landscaping, the two showcase some of their favorite pieces of fancy art and sculptures from all over the globe. It was a moment early on in the interview where Alicia Keys pridefully flaunts that the couple owns the largest Gordon Parks collection ever.

“We do own the largest collection of Gordon Parks,” Keys states in the video.

There were more moments where the couple reveal just how wealthy they are, highlighting their piano room, plethora of ceramics and sculptures and the numerous bedrooms for them and their children.

As viewers take a look inside their piano room filled with books and cozy, lounge-like furniture, Swizz Beatz talks about how he often gets live concerts by his wife and their son Egypt on the piano. Keys shares a moment about the piano she’s had for 16 years first gifted to her by Columbia Records. The acclaimed singer holds the piano near and dear to her heart. So much that Swizz discussed how he initially wanted to get rid of the treasured piano until he learned about how much it meant to her. Keys even gives fans a special, impromptu performance on one of her most prized possessions.

The couple discuss how they chose to design their space, using warmer tones to accentuate the industrial feel of the house. Fans discovered that their Malibu home is also home to the Iron Man movies we adore.

Watch the full episode on Architectural Digest below.