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Los Angeles Premiere Of Hulu's New Show "The Kardashians" - Red Carpet

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Kim Kardashian is trending yet again. The Kardashians debuts Thursday, April 14 on Hulu. Similar to its lengthy-run on E!, it will continue to uncover a lot about Kim’s relationships, family and work life. However, one TikTok user details the strange connection between Friends star, Lisa Kudrow and The Kardashians.

In two days, the reality series is set to debut on a new network with ten hour-long episodes. The show is still based on the family’s personal life, diving into the intricacies of their family. Though the context is the same, The Kardashians is getting a facelift. Kim speaks about how this next version of the reality series will present more like a documentary.

Where does Lisa Kudrow come into play? The actress predicted the fate of reality television back in 2015. TikTok user, @watchwithmike, breaks down how in a short video using sources from Variety and TV Line. Kudrow wrote, produced and starred in HBO’s The Comeback, which debuted in 2005. The second season came out in 2014 and it was renewed for a third season, but it never came out. The series is a mockumentary following a has been actress (Kudrow) trying to regain her spotlight. It teeters the line of a reality show and sitcom.

In 2015, Kudrow received an Emmy nomination for her performance in Season 2. She spoke with TV Land about how the show preceded and arguably predicted the explosion of reality tv. The interview, Michael Slezak, asks Kudrow, “What do you see next for reality tv?” She responds, “the next iteration is that we’re going back to documentaries. That’s happening.”

Kudrow goes on to say, “the audience understands [these shows] aren’t that real after all. ‘I thought you promised us real! We want real!’ So they’re going to make it look more real by making it look like a documentary. “

Well, Kudrow must be a prophet because that’s exactly what The Kardashians Hulu series is hoping to accomplish with its next iteration. Their Variety article mentions how they shot the scene openers with drone shots to stylize as a documentary.

Kim is proud of the new look saying, “did you see the drones at the beginning? My goal was that it was familiar and felt like home, like ‘Oh, my God, they’re back.’ But updated or just a little bit more intimate.”

TikTok user, Mike, calls Kudrow “fittingly prophetic.”

Watch the video below.