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African American boy holding ear of corn

Source: Mark Edward Atkinson / Getty

The undeniable 7-year-old viral corn kid was recently named an official ‘Corn-bassador’ for the state of South Dakota. Tariq was interviewed by a popular web series and social media account Recess Therapy in New York where he shared his undying love for corn. Read more about his successes inside.

The viral video posted by Recess Therapy has garnered more than 26 million views on Instagram since it was posted on August 4th.

It went on to inspire a viral remix titled, “It’s Corn.” Now, Tariq has his own official TikTok account, @kornboyofficial, where he uploads comedic videos and bids his followers a “corntastic day.”

South Dakota is one of the largest corn-producing states in the US. The government noticed his love for corn spread across the Internet and decided to invite Tariq to the state’s Corn Palace tourist attraction. On September 3rd, South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem named him a South Dakota Corn-bassador in an executive proclamation.

“Tariq’s a-maize-ing endorsement contains more than a kernel of truth and has reached ears across the world via social media,” the proclamation reads. It goes on to refer to Tariq as an, “outstanding young man.”

Tariq is winning! He was even included in this special Chipotle social media spot on August 27th, where he adds nothing to his bowl but you guessed it – CORN! The video has over 8.4 million views on Twitter.

Check it out here:

Social media users express their concerns about the little corn lover getting adequate compensation for his promotion.

Hopefully, Tariq was paid for his passion and promotion. Congrats and have a corntastic day!