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Yesterday we heard some advance quote from an upcoming Elle interview with Jennifer Aniston. Aniston talked about how she’s ok with the “lonely girl” image that the press cultivates for her and mentioned her pain at her parents’ divorce. Many of you pointed out in the comments that the interview was conducted by Kristin Hahn, Aniston’s good friend and partner in her film production company. The content was exactly the same thing we’ve been hearing from Aniston for years – that she’s doing well as a single woman and that she has personal issues she’s working on like many of us.

Given that Aniston’s good buddy was interviewing her, she has even less of an excuse for sticking to the same material she always uses for interviews. Aniston and Hahn had a real opportunity to change Aniston’s public image – possibly by discussing their joint love of film and how excited they are about their upcoming projects. Maybe it’s not fair to judge the interview based on the small amount that’s available online, and it’s possible those quotes are just a piece of a larger story that isn’t so focused on Aniston’s personal issues. We’ll have to reserve final judgment until reading the entire article, although I have the feeling that everything quotable has already been released.

Anyway this interview came out right after People Magazine issued a terse and kind of harsh denial from Bradley Cooper that he’d had another date with Aniston. I wrote that it surprised me that People’s article was so brief because they usually include some kind of filler on a celebrity to make their stories friendly-sounding. Commenter Katherine mentioned that People might have been tired of being manipulated into running positive Aniston stories by her rep: “Maybe People magazine is pissed because Jennifer’s publicist keeps feeding them fake stories about her alleged on-set romances and they’re tired of looking like dummies when the co-stars deny the whole story.”

I’m getting a little fed up with Aniston too, but I’ll continue to give her the benefit of the doubt. Like for these latest photos taken on set where she’s nipping out yet again. Is this part of her “sexy” fashion for The Bounty, even though she was shown filming in another, perfect nip-less outfit that same day, or is she deliberately dressing like this to make sure her paparazzi photos get published? Does she just wear what’s comfortable and not really consider the fact that her nips are poking through? Are these nips even real or are they possibly stick-on, as many of you theorized? They look less pronounced than the last time we saw them. The mind boggles, and most of the conclusions I’m reaching are not favorable to Aniston. Please change your wardrobe and your tune, Aniston, it’s getting pretty stale.

Aniston is shown filming on 8/4/09 (shirt and suit jacket, credit: WENN.com) and on set that same day (credit: INFphoto.com)

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