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Latto and her sister Brooklyn Nikole share a conversation on Latto’s 777 Radio on Apple Music 1, where they talk about the rapper’s work schedule, Latto-chella, cosmetic surgery, family dynamics and dating. Watch the full interview inside.

The star is on a run to global stardom as she continues to level up the performance, music and partnerships. Latto is off the heels of her first Coachella performance, creatively directed by Teyana Taylor. The rapper has collaborated with some of the biggest names in entertainment like the legendary singer and songwriter Mariah Carey with “Big Energy.”

Latto is bringing that BIG energy into her latest partnership with Apple Music 1. She hosts a conversation on her 777 Radio channel with her little sister Brooklyn Nikole as this week’s guest. The two discuss many topics including her insane work schedule, cosmetic surgery, family and relationships.

These two are rarely seen without one another. Latto and Brooklyn often share videos on social media of them trying new Crumbl cookies or doing the latest TikTok trend.

After wrapping up an intense back to back weekend performance at Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Brooklyn brags about her sister’s work ethic.

“She’s a hard worker. She don’t play, because she was in there as soon as she got up,” Brooklyn boasts. “She leaving, not coming home ’til like three o’clock in the morning. Because you be working all day and you got to remember that choreo. And what people don’t know about you, you very involved. The DJs, the sound people, everything.”

They also get into more intimate details about their family dynamics when Latto brings up not speaking to her dad, Robert Stephens, for two years.

“People think they seen us on ‘The Rap Game,’ whatever,” Latto talks about her relationship with her dad sentence his life sentencing in November 2021 for the murder of a man in 2010.

“They don’t know how much this career path affects family as well. Funny sh*t aside, I haven’t necessarily spoken to my daddy in probably two years, probably two years now,” she adds.

Brooklyn backs her up by adding, “I think it’s another aspect to the industry. People don’t really speak on it.”

They both agree that fame changes the nature of the relationships around you.

The Stephens sisters continue their conversation highlighting the importance of women empowerment, noting how growing up with such a strong sisterhood has influenced the way they move throughout the industry. At the same time, Latto uplifts her baby sis saying, “You see her throwing a thousand in the club, baby. That’s her money. Please, that’s Beauty by Brooklyn.”

The highlight of their conversation is that Latto confirms she is in fact, in love. The rapper says, “Your girl in love or whatever,” after Brooklyn expresses she’s single and mingling. Brooklyn agrees that Latto is definitely in love and asks if she ever wants to get married.

“I do,” Latto answers. “I’m big into marriage, and you know what I’m saying? I want to do stuff the traditional way. And it might be because we come from a two-parent household. Being together forever don’t mean it’s perfect either. I’m learning from my parents, learning from my own experiences, whatever. I want to do stuff the traditional way, getting married, have a baby.”

Latto notes that, loyalty is the most important thing for her with anyone around her.

“My biggest thing is loyalty,” Latto shares. “And that’s really with anyone around me, everyone around me. My day one dawg is now my road manager. My day one dawg is now my assistant.”

Watch more from the sisters on Latto’s 777 Radio interview on Apple Music: