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themack1Last week one of the nation’s most notorious pimps, Pimp Snooky aka Derrick Avery, was arrested in Las Vegas for trafficking minors for the sex trade. Snooky, a Milwaukee native who first rose to national prominence in the 1999 docu-drama “Pimps Up Hoes Down” claims he was just an actor playing a pimp on film. Of course, the feds say otherwise and are attempting to throw the book at him for having girls as young as 14 traveling across state lines to prostitute.

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While Pimp Snooky, like everyone, is innocent until proven guilty, the truth is that this guy loved telling people he how good he was at his trade. Like other famous “men of leisure” like Bishop Magic Don Juan or Pimping Ken, Snooky was proud to let the world know that he was a pimp. Just check the video below.

While I have never met Snooky, his rise to prominence has made him a Milwaukee street legend. In many circles he is even considered a hero for his pimping abilities.

But the truth is that Snooky’s victims weren’t just the young women that he worked with, they were also the young men that looked up to him. Because whether anyone wants to admit it or not, much of hip-hop culture has become inundated with the images, lingo and fast money associated with the pimp life style. In a world devoid of African American male role models, individuals like this guy end up becoming heroes. And word to Terrance Howard, it doesn’t help that many MCs and rappers have reinforced the culture associated with the “pimp game.” (Really, you can’t just blame hip-hop. Pimp culture has been a fabric of urban pop sensibilities since the blaxplotation films of the late 60s)

So call me a hater, but I am happy that Snooky will likely spend time in jail. Maybe the next young man who is aspiring to become a pimp with think twice about their career paths.


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