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<p>Funny, motivated, inspiring, fearless&rsquo;&hellip;.just some of the many terms used by fans to describe these five beautiful women who decided to change their lives one hike at a time! With thousands of fans across the nation on Facebook, You Tube,&nbsp;Twitter and&nbsp;&nbsp;the Valleywood Fit Girls Club Web site, these ladies have created an online phenomenon like no other!&nbsp;The VFGs are passionate about educating and entertaining other women of color, (especially African-American women), &nbsp;to do the same.</p><p>{ 12 comments&hellip; read them below or add one }</p><p>Bernie, I&rsquo;m so proud of the site and how professional you&rsquo;ve made it. All the women are gorgeous and goal oriented and this will become bigger than you ever imagined. If you need any legal advice, I&rsquo;ll see what I can do. You need to have a fan appreciation day where certain fans (hint hint) get to jog with you guys. But have a body guard near by ! haaaaa Tell Cecily not to jog that butt off !!! LOL</p><p>Aw, thanks Daryl&hellip;we got that covered. The VFG have a monthly &ldquo;guests&rdquo; day&hellip;so, yes, you&rsquo;re more than welcome to come along&hellip;we&rsquo;ll keep you posted. Thank u for the love&hellip;.xo</p>

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