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So Lil Wayne has arrived at Riker’s Island jail in NYC. He was transported there in a corrections van by himself due to his high popularity. According to TMZ, he still undergoing admissions procedure, including a mental and physical questionaire and exam. The good thing is that if he’s hungry, the chef has already cooked up some food, noodles and beef sausage with sauce, steamed greens, mixed green salad, fruit juice or tea, and sliced peaches with whole wheat bread. He’s facing a year in the slammer, but could possible get out if he’s on good behavior.

After a few setbacks and delays, Lil Wayne will be going to jail. Weezy was supposed to go to prison last month, but was able to get his sentencing date pushed back so he can receive dental surgery. Then last week he was supposed to go in, but there was a fire in his courthouse while Wayne was on his way there, so there was another delay.

But Lil Wayne was sentenced today, as planned when he pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He admitted illegally having a loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his tour bus in July 2007.

Although Lil Wayne will be unavailable from the music scene for a while, him and his Young Money crew have prepared accordingly. He’ s shot a whole bunch of videos, and has tons of music available for release while he’s gone. He’s also got a Twitter set up also, so his internet presence is felt.

Don’t be upset for Lil Wayne though, his Young Money crew is relocating to New York to be closer to the boss man, and Wayne will be able to get visits so he won’t be too lonely.

What will you miss about Lil Wayne while he’s in jail? Do you think his reign on music will stay strong?

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