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Now I must say that I was waiting on this silliness to happen. Let me give you some quick back story. I like most of you sat in great anticipation, waiting for the Kardashian for Bebe line to drop. I, like most of you went to the store and tried on many of the looks hoping that I would mirror the famed curves of the Kardashian silhouette. I quickly formulated m own opinion about the collection and the looks, and left Bebe with nothing. I have always had a side eye opinion about celebrity driven brands, and all my thoughts were reassured as I left Bebe empty handed. So please you all must imagine my dismay when I saw ‘Tasia barefoot and ‘singing’ at the  Jackie Robinson Foundation Event last night. After watching faithfully on VH1, I have become a huge Fantasia fan, as I have found her personality to be up beat and genuine. So when I came across pictures of her wearing a ruched lame cutout dress, it didn’t settle well with me. This is a tell tale of when BAD clothes happen to Good people.

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