Almost five months after the tragic death of his wife, Carlos Morales, a 29-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, is focused on carrying on and caring for his four babies. On Jan 16, his wife, Erica, passed away due to severe blood loss after safely delivering the babies, three girls and one boy. PEOPLE magazine recently interviewed Morales about […]

Since the tragic death of his wife, Carlos Morales and his quadruplets have captured the hearts of America. In a recent interview with People, Morales dished on life as a single father and shared fond memories of his late wife, Erica. Carlos says Erica was the love of his life. After hearing they were expecting not one, but […]

Carlos Morales is finally able to bring his quadruplets home a month after he welcomed them into the world. The father of four is taking care of 3 newborn daughters and a newborn son alone, as his wife passed away shortly after giving birth. Bringing them home safely with the help of his mother-in-law, Carlos is excited […]

A 29-year-old man from Phoenix, Arizona is raising quadruplets after his wife tragically passed away while giving birth to three girls and one boy. The Root reports: Carlos Morales told his wife Erica, 36, that he loved her just minutes before she gave birth to quadruplets who were conceived through IVF.  She went into labor at […]