We now live in a time when it’s ok to use Black people slang, rock their hairstyles and copy their fashion trends — but it’s not okay to be Black. It’s extremely evident in the media today, with celebrities like the Kardashians cash croppin’ on cornrows and full voluptuous bodies that Black women are often […]

It’s human nature to change your appearance every so often in attempt to align with how you feel inside. No wonder the classic Coco Chanel proverb that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” rangs so true for so many people. The real MVPs of evolution and change are Black […]

You probably remember a couple years back when Iggy Azalea caught her then-fiancé Nick Young cheating on tape, via footage from their home security cameras. After that, her next logical step was to torch his entire closet for revenge. The Australian rapper talked with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and admitted that she lit all of […]

A recent statement about his daughter brings his problematic views to light.

Iggy Azalea‘s career could be likened to a celestial comet: nice to look at, only comes around every years and if you blink, you could miss it. Back in  2010, when Nicki Minaj was starting her tenure as reigning queen of rap, all anyone could talk about was he Australian-bred rapper being the hottest thing […]

Bow Wow is crushing on Iggy Azalea now. Yup, the rapper and father randomly took to Twitter on Friday and let the world know he would do some nasty things to the “Fancy” rapper. And since Bow Wow had time, of course Twitter had time…to roast him. Some folks were caught off guard. Others were just […]