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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! We’re not sure who this woman is and what the person who owns this truck did to warrant this, but we sure do want to find out. According to the commentary in the video, this Bronx woman destroying an SUV in broad daylight is the wife of […]

Ken Hanson of the Buckeye Firearm Foundation has defended the group’s efforts to raise money to buy George Zimmerman “whatever he felt was appropriate to defend himself, defend his family, defend his parents.” When asked by Piers Morgan if the Buckeye group were raising money for the Martin family, Hanson was quiet. He ended by […]

Chloe Moretz is one kick ass 16-year-old. Chloe and her costars in the new film Kick-Ass 2 arrived at The TODAY Show yesterday, and Ms. Moretz shared all the excitement with fans via Instagram, tweets and cute commentary.  Chloe, who resumes her role as Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass sequel, posted this picture hanging out with TODAY host […]

In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, the NAACP has proposed a set of laws called Trayvon’s Law. This set of bills is designed to ensure no parent has to endure what Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin have had to ever again. One of the main goals is to end racial profiling. The bill […]

As gun violence continues to bring bloodshed across the country, you’d think people would think twice before buying a gun and shooting. Some lawmakers have recommended more restrictive gun laws, but most Americans have taken the exact opposite approach. Below is a list of the most outrageous gun laws put forth in the wake of […]

We can add two more to Chicago’s never-ending list of victims of gun violence this summer.  Little Khalise Weatherspoon was playing on a scooter on her front lawn just before 5pm Monday evening, when two men burst out of an alley and opened fire. Weatherspoon, who had celebrated her fourth birthday just a few days […]

When will people stop leaving their children in the car?! The parents of a 4-month-old baby have been arrested after they left the child in a car overnight on Friday. The baby, whose sex is unknown, was discovered by family members the next day around 1:30pm outside their home in El Cajon, California. Sadly, the infant […]

Icona Pop have finally released a new video for their pop-inspired dance song “Girlfriend.” The video showcases the girls driving around on the road in a remote-industrial-type town, later ditching their ride to hop on a freight train, jet-setting on a new adventure.  “Talking bout the lights, the dirt, the sh*t, that hurts/We’re not gonna […]

After Thursday evening, everyone can agree this father is a hero. The devoted Chicago father who was shot six times by two young men has survived, and is being treated in Mt. Sinai Hospital. After shielding his daughter from the fire, he has wounds on his back, legs, and neck. The 29-year-old victim was leaving […]

The man who was driving the high-speed train that killed 79 people in Spain last week is now being charged with 79 counts of homicide and several offenses of bodily harm. Francisco Garzon (pictured above), 52, has been under arrest since Thursday. Garzon is suspected of driving the train too fast through a tight curve […]

Lana Del Rey has announced the kick-start of her acting career, as she will be starring in a new short film titled Tropico. The “Young and Beautiful” singer revealed the film is based on a story of redemption of body electric music, gods and monsters, and Bel-Air.  We wonder if the redemption of gods and […]

“Who am I to judge them?” asks Pope Francis in response to a question about gay priests. Some would probably reply, “the pope,” but others, like us, are happy the Vatican has finally opened its arms to gay people. [HuffingtonPost] Outspoken radio host Rush Limbaugh has decided Huma Abedin is sticking by her man Anthony […]