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In a flurry of backlash for his unsolicited comments on gun control in the aftermath of the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Bob Costas has admitted to making a “mistake.” “My mistake is I left it open for too much miscommunication,” Costas said on The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday […]

There is an indelible, Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of an emaciated Sudanese child struggling to get to a feeding center while a vulture waits for her demise. It is etched in our minds as the staple image for the famine and civil war that plagued Southern Sudan. And while it brought attention to the country’s […]

In a surprising appearance, former president George W. Bush decided to play politics again by urging the country to remain “benevolent” about immigration reform, saying that immigrants “invigorate our soul.” DETAILS: Barack Obama’s Uncle Wins New Deportation Hearing  The ex-president, who has been low profile since his departure from office in 2008, spoke at the Federal […]

After New York City police took him in for questioning on Tuesday, Naeem Davis, 30, was arrested on a charge of murder Wednesday for shoving a subway rider to his death.   Witnesses told investigators that Ki-Huck San of Queens, NY, was pushed onto the tracks by Davis after the suspect, who was seen talking to […]

I just found out the other day that in addition to loving and supporting my black man, I now have to apologize to him and relinquish my womb. I’ve apparently become his worst nightmare. I’ve taught his daughters to hate him. I’ve had to weaken him to gain strength. My constructive criticism has now turned into belittling and instead […]

Bow Wow took to his official website this week to announce what we had already suspected: yes he is the father of a precious bundle of joy appropriately named Shai (perhaps a play off of her father’s name?). And while it is good news that all parties are doing fine; mother of the child, Joie […]