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A 100-year-old resident from Southern California backed his powder blue Cadillac onto a sidewalk across the street from an elementary school, hitting 11 people – including 9 children. STORY: Goon Squad! Drunken Gang Of Girls Stabs Elderly Man On Subway As reported by The Associated Press. Alma Solache said she was buying her children an afterschool […]

Surveillance video from a Tujunga, California Del Taco not far from where Michelle Jordan, 34, was stopped by police, has prompted an internal investigation into how LAPD handled her arrest. STORY: Excessive Force Or Race? Benjamin Crump Joins Police Brutality Probe In Ronald Weekley Jr. Case As reported by: NBC Los Angeles Police say they pulled her […]

Joshua D. Shelton, 21, of Delmar, Maryland is facing criminal charges after his alleged actions caused the deaths of over 70,000 chickens. STORY: Blood & Fur! Waco Man Eats Family Dog High On Fake Weed! Police believe that Shelton was drunk, which is why he shut off power to three separate chicken houses, killing the fowl […]

The pit bull that survived after being shot by police in New York City had her left eye removed earlier this week.  STORY: PETA PATROL! NYPD Officer Shoots Pit Bull In The Head! As reported by Dnainfo.com Police shot the pit bull, Star, on Aug. 13 at East 14th Street and Second Avenue after she charged […]

Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, it’s somewhat unfathomable that many who can afford to leave the Gulf Coast have decided to stay in an area that is prone to the wrath of Mother Nature. Hurricane Isaac has just done its damage on the city as well, thankfully not to the same extent as Katrina. I […]

Economists and law professors at Harvard, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania have published a new study that confirms what reformers have been saying for decades: the criminal justice system is racially biased.  STORY: Oh No! Juvenile Arrested In Miami!  As reported on: Thinkprogress.org Those of us seeking to end mass incarceration know it […]

In this age of information, any ignorance that someone possesses is by choice. We are constantly inculcated with messages of diversity and the idea of a bi-racial America. While we are in an age of cultural diversity that hasn’t been seen since pre-imperialism Africa, we still have people in this society who fail to understand […]

A new study says that heavy marijuana use could lower your IQ by an average of four points. STORY: Young Khalifa! 3-Year-Old Gets High Off Marijuana-Laced Cookies According to a CMAJ study, smoking more than five times per week can have a measurable effect on your intelligence. Canadian researchers have assessed how IQ changes after smoking […]

Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter is battling for his life, as it was revealed that he was recently diagnosed with a “serious form of cancer.” STORY: Sherman Hemsley’s Cause Of Death Revealed! As reported by CNN: Specter, who has overcome numerous serious illnesses over the past two decades, including a brain tumor and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, […]

Jason T. Wilson, of Tallahassee was arrested after he tried to sneak a machete he had strapped to his leg inside the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. LIST: What The GOP WON’T Be Talking About During Their Convention As reported by Bay News: Wilson was arrested as he walked in the RNC Event Zone carrying […]

An Israeli court cleared Israel of all responsibility regarding the death of American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by an army bulldozer during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Gaza in 2003. STORY: Israeli commandos ready to board the Rachel Corrie As reported by IOL News: Corrie’s family had accused Israel of intentionally and unlawfully killing […]

With the Republican National Convention underway, it will come to no surprise that the Tea Party is out in Florida in full swing. PHOTOS: Black Tea Party Members You Need To Know But what is the party made up of really? Is it a gaggle of like-minded xenophobic, gay-bashing, anti-education, anti-woman, racist S.O.Bs, who support […]