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First thing’s first, he’s the realest. It’s no secret Drake goes in on his verses. We love him for having fun and keeping us on our toes, and we can go on and on about why he’s so great, but what Drake does best is drop knowledge. If you haven’t sat in bed and listened to […]

Fifth time’s the charm. Disney announced yesterday they will be releasing a fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp will reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow and Jerry Bruckheimer will produce it. The next film will debut July 17, 2017. 7/17/17? We see what you did there, Disney. She could have had it all, […]

More like fifty shades of anticipation. The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer debuted on NBC’s TODAY Show this morning, and we can’t stop watching. Jamie Dornan will play the lusty Christian Grey, while Dakota Johnson is Anastasia Steele. Not to mention our girl Rita Ora has a role in the movie, playing Grey’s younger adopted sister, Mia. We can’t wait […]

Don’t mess with her! Amber Rose posted up with Mike Tyson yesterday, captioning the flick: If anybody messes with Muva u know who I’m callin 😝 But Tyson seems to have adopted a less aggressive lifestyle. ESPN reports that Tyson will introduce Evander Holyfield to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. In case you forgot, the legendary boxer infamously bit off […]

“Are my eyebrows OK?” said every young adult female at least once. Over the past year or so, eyebrows have become important. Like, really important to girls everywhere. it’s not you, its your eyebrows — what (@chanelpuke) May 25, 2014 Spring runway trends introduced a strong, thick brow (shout out to eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne) and […]

We don’t know about you, but Selena Gomez was feeling 22 in what looked like the perfect birthday. The freshly-inked starlet spent it in Saint Tropez, France yesterday by having some fun in the sun – like jet skiing with a mysterious hot guy. Selena looked pretty cozy with the guy, touching hands and holding onto him […]

The English language is beautiful. New words are created every day and thrown into everyone’s vernacular and people barely ever ask why. In fact, selfie was added to the dictionary last year. Once people start to feel comfortable with words, they use them more and more, and eventually words and phrases themselves become trendy. But […]

Serena Williams showed off her perfectly toned body in Croatia last weekend. The sexy tennis sister rocked a coral halter top bikini and natural curls while on tanning on a boat in the scenic city. Serena showed off her curves while snorkeling, giving us a perfect view of her booty and tan lines. She also showcased her sense […]

Beyonce paid tribute to Rosie The Riveter in New Orleans and gave some mommy-daddy time to Blue...

Giddy up! Khloe Kardashian saddled up for private horse riding lessons this week and looked great doing it. The notorious animal lover posted some photos of her experience on Instagram yesterday, and it looks like she made a new animal friend after it all! She captioned the photo: “Meet my new bestie, Nick!” Khloe took some time to herself as […]

Let’s be honest. After “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls turned 18 earlier this month, we all felt old. Really old. But it did give us a chance to reminisce on the beauty that was ‘90s music. Similarly, Destiny’s Child‘s hit “Bills, Bills, Bills,” which launched them to stardom, was #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart exactly […]

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teasing continues. A new clip was shown on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that showed Megan Fox‘s character, April, desperately trying to get Whoopi Goldberg‘s character, Bernadette, to believe that she has seen four huge, karate-fighting turtles roaming the streets of New York. The anticipation is killing us! Watch the clip here. Oops, nevermind! Richard Pryor‘s son, Richard Pryor […]