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Some people have a negative idea of reality TV and what it does to the folks who choose to participate in the different formats it incorporates. BUT, there are quite a few stars who have turned their time on reality TV into a full-fledged career, creating a large following and a celebrity brand backing their […]

It has been a long winter across the country. Just about every state across the eastern seaboard have been hit with snowstorm after snowstorm, and if you’re anything like us you are ready to lose the snow! Because spring time is so close, but still so far, we’ve put together a gallery featuring some of […]

Zoe Kravitz is playing coy on her relationship with Drake. During an interview with hiphollywood, Zoe finally spoke about her relationship with Drake – but it’s not what you would expect after seeing pictures of them boo’d up around town. Despite what we may or may not have seen at that Beyonce concert, Zoe says […]

Find out more about what Robin said about Paula as the couples son was involved in a paparazzi accident..

Love: some of us have it, and some don’t. While not all relationships are meant to last, some couples are just so darn cute together and their love radiates so strongly, we all become attached to their romance, and even feel somehow part of their story down to the bitter end. Sadly, some of our […]

Sci-fi movie fans can finally rejoice! Today, Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures have finally released the first trailer to the highly anticipated remake of Toho’s classic film Godzilla. Gareth Edwards is directing the newest Godzilla film, which features Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, and Sally Hawkins. This […]

Fans of the Godzilla franchise will be overjoyed to hear the trailer for the newest rebirth of the franchise will be released today! This version from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures follows Godzilla as the infamous monster goes head-to-head with new, equally vicious monsters. The trailer is dropping today at 1PM ET. Amanda Seyfried […]

Mommy-to-be Ciara seems to be looking for motherly advice from all of her favorite celebrity gal pals. Last night, Ciara and Monica both posted a picture of CiCi loving on Monica and Shannon Brown’s baby girl, Laiyah, while catching up and talking about the effects of motherhood. Monica has no doubt that her good friend […]

Every relationship needs a little bit of healthy competition… Lena Dunham revealed during an interview with the Grantland Channel that she’s totally obsessed with a blog called “Old Loves,” an ode to past celebrity relationships. “(It’s) my passion, I check it, like, once a week,” she told Grantland’s Channel, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. “It’s […]

GlobalGrind’s own Blogxilla has been granted some exclusive photos from the newest highly anticipated action film, 300: Rise of an Empire. The sequel to 300 picks up after the Persian army has defeated Leonidas and his 300 men, with Xerxes looking to conquer more of the Greek city-states and take reign over all the land. […]

Congratulations Christina! The pop diva’s mom has just announced that Christina Aguilera is pregnant with her second child with her fiancé, Matt Rutler. Christina and Matt just got engaged last Friday on Valentine’s Day while enjoying a romantic beach vacation, so this is shaping up to be a big year for the 33-year-old “Dirrty” singer. […]

A judge in Santa Clara, CA has granted Paul Walker‘s dying wish to have his father put in place as the executor of his estate. During a court hearing yesterday, Paul Walker Sr. was granted executorship of his late son’s estate while the entire Walker family was present in court, including 15-year-old daughter Meadow and her mother, […]